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Hi all!

I'm Allie, in my 20's, live in California and would eventually LOVE to be a writer for television. But for now, this is just a place for my crazy Once Upon A Time/Captain Swan fangirling. I post lots of Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, Mabastian/Mash, and the occasional Ichabbie.

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Rated M - Captain Swan Fanfic Recommendation -


Just Because it Burns, by lovingcaptainswan

Read it here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9368834/1/Just-Because-It-Burns

Review: A lot of authors, myself included, tend to write a lot of PWP. But what this author manages to do is write a compelling story that draws you in and slams you with…

Aww thank you for the rec! *blushes*

Anonymous asked
Omgggg I know you said your community college fic complete but omg please would you consider writing a cutesy epilogue or something? It's such an amazing fic and I really need more :P

Aww, thank you! I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Honestly, I didn’t plan on it, but if the mood ever strikes, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. :)

artielu replied to your post: “artielu replied to your post: “artielu replied to your post: Review…”:
Yeah, hell no. Plus, she might be worried that, in the heat of the moment, she would not want him to. One unintended pregnancy is enough for Emma.

My thoughts exactly.

You know what? Just for that, maybe I’ll write some awkward smut all about Emma worrying about contraception and trusting him to pull out and suggesting that he get tested and explaining the pill to him. HA ANONS. lol jk

Review Rant...



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Adding to your rant: I hate when people say condom use isn’t sexy, and I especially hate when fiction perpetuates this. Condoms are good. Condoms are important. Even if you’re on the pill. Even if your guy’s test comes back clean. Even if you have the HPV…

Exactly. I generally skim or ignore the STD issue as something that they have previously discussed when i write, just like I often write assuming Emma is on the pill, but in a chapter all about Emma being scared of being pregnant it HAD to be mentioned and there’s nothing unromantic about respecting each other enough to avoid disease and pregnancy. LOL

artielu replied to your post: “artielu replied to your post: Review Rant… A-freaking-men. Of COURSE…”:
Exactly. I don’t find condoms “sexy” either, but they are necessary by default, absent hormonal birth control and a monogamous relationship with both people clear of STDs. Facts of life. There’s nothing quite like the terror of thinking you’re unintentionally pregnant and…

Not to mention, she wasn’t exactly ready to risk a possible pregnancy on his ability to pull out. ;)

justalilblondemama replied to your post: “justalilblondemama replied to your post: “artielu replied to your…”:
I was pretty iffy on whether or not he would have been nearly as put out as she was over the idea of “baby Jones.” He was already thinking Pirate onesies.

LOL Pirate onesies. Yeah, I honestly think he would have accepted it pretty easily, so it wasn’t a concern for him. Even canon, show Killian would probably get started on the nursery the hour Emma mentioned she was late, even if it happened pretty quickly. lol

justalilblondemama replied to your post: “artielu replied to your post: Review Rant… A-freaking-men. Of COURSE…”:
I actually recall being very amused by Killian’s line there about how he’d be “careful.” I remember thinking “Really…how’s that been working out for you so far, buddy?” LOL It wasn’t a mood killer by any means.

haha! Yeah, my inner Emma was like “sure buddy sure”. Though in his defense, I think they both assumed that pregnancy wasn’t possible in a place where time stood still, so he wasn’t exactly trying to be careful. LOL

artielu replied to your post: Review Rant…

A-freaking-men. Of COURSE JBIB!Emma would use a condom. And the reviewer thinking condoms aren’t “sexy” … headdesk.

lol Thank you! I was reading it like “…you do get that one of the main issues in the chapter was a pregnancy scare, right?” I usually assume she is on some sort of bc - patch, pill, Depo, whatever the case may be - but in this case, she’d probably need to use a condom. haha I personally don’t find it sexy or “unsexy” myself. It was just necessary. lol


"I ain’t working with her!"
"No way in hell, David!!"
"Of course they want to cast her! She’s Hollywood’s golden princess. Bloody hell! This is it, this is how I’m going to go out."
"I’m am not playing beside some stuck-up, half-witter, scruffy-looking ‘bad boy’! No, I don’t care how hot he is!!”
"… Do you have the script already?"
"… Do you have the script already?"