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dreadpiratejones asked
Fluff, fluff and more fluff.


Also in response to the prompt: Breakfast the morning after first sexytimes

The purifying sunlight filters through the curtains, warming the skin on her bare back. Head tucked under the pillow cushioning her head, she feels herself coming into consciousness when the mattress shifts beside her. Feather-light touches begin to drift down her spine and she stirs at the welcome sensation, small smile curving her lips where they are half-buried in the pillow.

There is a low chuckle beside her and she feels herself come to, eyes fluttering groggily as she wakes and recognizes the caresses as his fingers tracing random patterns into her skin. Memories of the night prior flash suddenly in her minds eye; his bruising lips, his body covering hers, his fingers dancing across her scorching skin, the unapologetic moans that had ripped from her throat as he hovered over her, the delicious stretch of their coupling.

She wouldn’t deny it had been exactly what she’d expected for their first time: passionate, sloppy, desperate. After everything (a beanstalk, an adoloescent demon, an ageless land, a year-long separation, a Wicked Witch and a kiss-inspired curse), it is hardly surprising to her that the engima that was them finally boiled over into physicality.

Instead of drowning in panic though, she feels… content. She could honestly just lie where she is, melt into the mattress as he continues to stroke her back and laugh - a sound she will never tire of after an obscene amount of time spent listening to him grunt and scream and whimper at the Witch’s cruel ministrations. 

The thought stirs a feeling of uneasiness in her and she knows the only way she can settle it so she turns around slowly, eases herself onto her other side with exquisitely exhausted muscles and lets hers eyes land on him. The anxiety evaporates when she sees his lopsided grin, propped up on his elbow, good hand still hovering over the space where her back was previously. 

"Morning," he greets, the timber of his voice deep and accented with the earliness of the hour. He drops his arm so it lands at her waist and he pulls her closer so they are pressed together.

She returns the smile lazily, “Morning to you too.”

Before she can say another word, he’s leaning down to capture her lips with his in a languid kiss that still manages to steal her breath. He’s been doing that since his curse was broken - kissing her like he’ll never be able to again. And, not that she’s averse to it, but it is noticeable.

When he pulls away, his nose nudges against hers and she closes her eyes and breathes him in, his solidness before her comforting in ways she never considered.

They don’t say anything but nothing really needs to be said - not now, anyway. And for a long while they simply drink each other in, savor the unburdened seconds they share, relish the way they fit seamlessly together, occasionally bantering under their breaths in the pleasantly challenging style they are so accustomed to.

Until her stomach growls and he snickers.

"And that is our signal to get up,” he announces quietly, dipping down to place one last chaste kiss on her lips before shuffling out of bed. She follows him, throws him a spare pair of slacks, shrugs on an over-sized shirt.

And when they eventually sit at her dining table, sipping from their coffee mugs, Emma can’t find an ounce of regret for what happened as she meets his mirth-filled eyes over the rim of their cups. All she can muster is relief and something else that blooms and glows in her chest.

(She tells herself she doesn’t know what it is.)

(She does.)

captainswans asked


Captain Swan + leaving hickeys on each other’s necks

He’s always had a thing about marking her, and she knows that. When he goes to suck on her neck she sighs indulgently and tips her head back, giving him more access. She’s patient with him, giving him as much time as he wants, worrying her skin between his teeth until he is satisfied with the bruise he has left for her.

It’s never been the other way around before.

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albus-remus-potter asked
Could you please write a prequel to that hunger games au about how they fell in love? You can have my firsborn!

faithful like a soldier


For Chinx, because we discussed a second part to the smut piece where Emma asked Killian to try on his lieutenant’s uniform for her.

3600 words of more roleplay, with part one here.

Also on AO3

“So I hear that David finally talked you into taking the position as Admiral?” 

Killian mumbles something affirmative into the bed. Emma places her hands on her hips and rolls her eyes; of course he would be lying face down, limbs sprawled out in every direction. What an incredible drama queen.

“It won’t be that bad.”

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Its really not fair how guys make dress blues look good and girls just look blocky and careless and ugh. And he has the correct ribbon for graduating basic training. I’m impressed.

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