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I'm Allie, in my 20's, live in California and would eventually LOVE to be a writer for television. But for now, this is just a place for my crazy Once Upon A Time/Captain Swan and general Will Scarlet/Michael Socha fangirling. I post lots of Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, anything Will Scarlet, Outlander, and the occasional Ichabbi eand Mabastian/Mash.

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I’m not saying that Lt Jones BJ smut will be posted today… but I’m not NOT saying that either…


[another white person is cast as a biblical figure] [looks right into the camera like i’m on the office]

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Saw that post about ff, and yeah I've received some weird hatemail in the time that I've joined ff. The worst one was someone stating that I was ruining their life by not updating all the time and that they hate me for being selfish and playing them... It was honestly the weirdest message I have ever received. (I hope you don't mind and understand why I am sending this as an anon)

LOL wow… I woukd have been so confused yet highly amused by that message. You’re giving them free entertainment in your own time and ruining their lives by not doing it fast enough. Because we are fanfic machines with no other aspects of our lives and responsibilities. Lmao jeez.

I have gotten messages saying to stop writing all fic except for the one they wanted updated because it was unfair. Um. Ok.I’ll get right on that. Haha

(Feel free to come off anon btw! Im pretty nice, I think)

Things you notice as an adult watching kid’s movies…

Kermit and Miss Piggy have a pretty dysfunctional but real relationship, you guys… In just about every movie, Miss Piggy is selfish and high maintenance and just as often Kermit is caring but has massive commitment issues and this always causes strife between them because Miss Piggy wants stability and Kermit wants things to be more relaxed. But they always work through their issues, kind of like real people, with petty arguing and eventual real, heartfelt discussion… dude… Kermit and Miss Piggy is possibly, somehow, in some way more realistic than most cartoon relationships designed for children. lol


Where do people get off complaining and leaving hateful reviews on fanfiction.


Fanfiction is free entertainment.

Fanfiction writers do not get paid, and writing fanfiction takes a lot of time and effort. And it is just plain rude to make hateful comments about someone’s creative work.

Now constructive criticism is totally different. Constructive criticism is wonderful, it is how writers grow, but even then there is a way to put it diplomatically.

There is a difference between being rude and being constructive and I think a lot of reviewers don’t understand that difference. Either that or they are just jerks.

So seriously, if you don’t have anything nice or constructive to say about a fic, stop reading and don’t say anything at all.


I need Emma and Killlian to fall into a certain kind of routine, where every time he doesn’t get a thing because -other world- he leans toward her and she whispers in his ear what it means, what it is, like a sort of habit they got to help each other out, and a way for Emma to make him feel less like an outlander.

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I was just watching an episode of Supernatural with my brother and there was a scene where a boy and girl are hitchhiking and a truck comes and says the girl can get in the car but the boy can't get a ride. My brother then decides to comment on how awesome it must be to have boobs because then you can get people to do stuff for you with them. I said that the sexual harassment of girls is very real and scary. He then said that men could be sexually harassed just as easily as girls. WTF.

You’re preachin’ to the choir, girl. I have this conversation with guy friends quite frequently and end up looking like a crazy feminazi (to them, I don’t actually act like one lol). The thing is, it’s just really difficult for a lot of guys to get because they don’t experience it. They see women being bought all sorts of drinks at bars and offered rides home and assorted other “preferential treatment” (ha!) when all we see is in that drink or that compliment or that offer for a ride home is “shit, if I accept I might get kidnapped or raped, what do I do??”

And yes, he’s correct, men CAN be sexually harassed just as easily, but it tends to come with more intimidation and feel much more threatening when it’s men to women, rather than women to men. Not that I’m condoning it, that’s just factual.

In fact, I’ve been meaning to make a tumblr post about it but I need to properly word it to avoid getting hate but I’ve noticed that objectification of men online is similar to that of women, and hey, objectification on both sides is okay to me sometimes, it depends on the degree of it. But what I’ve noticed is I see tags (and I’ve been guilty too) all the time of things like “can he just be naked all the time?” or “he is so hot I want to lick his bare chest while the rest of the hot guys of the cast are naked and waiting their turn” lmao etc (I made those up btw) and if we saw those comments on half naked pictures of women a lot of us would be appalled and cry a need for feminism (which it is of course necessary), but I’ve just noticed lately that women say a lot of things about men (especially on tumblr) that we would be appalled if we saw heard/read men saying them. And to a degree that’s alright, it’s ok to appreciate someone’s beauty or be attracted to them and even voice that, but it’s the blatant idea that if I heard a man say that about me, I’d feel very uncomfortable or think it was another symptom of rape culture, but then I have the urge to say something similar about a celebrity and it doesn’t really make it okay just because I’m a woman.

Like I said, the difference is, when men say things it often feels very threatening because 1 in 4 women are sexually assaulted, so it’s very real, but it’s still been a bit of a wake up call to me that even though we don’t have the numbers of going out and assaulting people as often as men might, there might still need to be a bit of a revamp on our way of thinking and treating each other.

I hate doing this but I want more Outlander


I’m doing a following spree,

I want more outlander on my dash so if you post Outlander, Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe, please REBLOG so I can follow you!!


When people hate on anyone that likes Milah.


When people claim that Milah was a slut.


When people claim that Milah was “stolen” from Rumple.


When people state that Milah deserved to die.