Hi all!

I'm Allie, in my 20's, live in California and would eventually LOVE to be a writer for television. But for now, this is just a place for my crazy Once Upon A Time/Captain Swan and general Will Scarlet/Michael Socha fangirling. I post lots of Captain Swan, Outlaw Queen, anything Will Scarlet, Outlander, and the occasional Ichabbi eand Mabastian/Mash.

*this is not a spoiler free blog, though I try to tag everything spoilery with "ouat spoilers"*

*this blog includes some adult themed writing/reblogs meant for 18+*

Current Fandoms:
Once Upon A Time/OUATIW
The Walking Dead
Sleepy Hollow
Game of Thrones
American Horror Story

If you want to know more about me, feel free to ask. :D


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